Capability Development

Learning how to face the future of work

We run high energy interactive workshops to develop awareness and ability in each area, followed by practical group or team coaching sessions to apply these skills to real life projects, challenges or scenarios.

How does this look in reality:

  • Short skills based workshops for mixed cohorts
  • Facilitated strategy sessions for leadership teams
  • Sales and customer service training
  • Problem solving sessions for functional teams
  • Visioning and alignment sessions for industry leaders
  • Strategy offsite for leaders creating change
  • Leadership development programmes
  • Group coaching for leadership challenges
  • 1-2-1 coaching for executive development

Edward possesses the rare combination of clarity, humour, empathy and an authentic drive to achieve the best possible outcome. This enables him to bridge language barriers, cultural differences and diversity. He is thus able to train/coach and engage every participant in the group. (in our case a very diverse bunch working on the complex topic of unconscious bias)

Mark Milders, Head of Investor Services, ING

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