Executive Coaching

A chance to recalibrate, reenergise and refocus

Bespoke leadership development – tailored to the individual leader

We offer a personalised and structured development process for leaders, based on the leadership challenges that coachees choose to bring to our coaching sessions.

Our typical programme consists of six 1-1 coaching sessions, with work-based, reflective activities enabling the leader to apply their new insights at work. The programme takes place over an agreed period, typically between 3 and 6 months.

The first session is about setting personal goals, exploring values and visioning the future. In the final session we uncover ways of creating lasting effective habits as you transition out of the coaching relationship.

The 4 interim sessions allow the individual to create their own learning pathway by focusing on their most pressing challenges. Here are some examples:

  1. Leading Myself: personal insight and self awareness
  2. Personal Impact: presenting and influencing
  3. Leading my Team: current topics relating to your team
  4. Communicating Strategically: the what and the how
  5. Managing Networks: working with stakeholders, up and down
  6. Managing Performance: setting objectives and giving feedback
  7. Challenging Conversations: being sensitive and clear

Each session works from the basis of an ideal goal, explores what is currently happening, looks at options for change, progress or support and generates action.

The sessions are mapped to the capabilities outlined in our framework which allows consistency across a group of coachees or leadership team, whilst the 1-1 nature and individual approach tailors the content to each leader’s needs and context.

The thing I specifically appreciate about Edward’s coaching is that the frequency at which he asks just the right question is exceptionally high, combined with a very pleasant no nonsense and efficient style. If you are looking for a coach, I highly recommend Edward.

Robin Voogd, Head of M&A and Strategy at OLX Group

These sessions offer:

  • Space to think more broadly
  • Opportunities to develop deep insights
  • Creative Problem Solving


  • Individual, targetted, tailored for your specific needs
  • Real life context so sessions are immediately applicable
  • Non competitive, confidential to create trust

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