Experienced Facilitation

Because complex problems need collective solutions

In a world of increasing complexity, we believe that the best solutions are generative – that is, new ideas emerge from multiple viewpoints. Running hand in hand with this challenge is the uncertainty and associated fear that can undermine our ability to be creative and optimistic.

We pride ourselves on giving people the opportunity to explore their own and others’ view points in order to find new and better ways of working together. Our facilitation processes put groups in the driving seat of their journey.  We do this by creating safe, engaging and effective sessions that welcome a diversity of experiences to ensure everyone has a chance to be involved.

We have taken this approach to support corporate restructures and strategic plans through to creating brand alignment and resolving team conflict.

Working in a variety of contexts, we have helped our clients with the following:

  • Bringing divergent views together
  • Strategy development and alignment
  • Facilitating leadership offsite
  • Critical conversations
  • Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Generating Inclusion
  • Culture change and transformation programmes

It was a great pleasure to work with Edward in the past months. He has been extremely helpful in supporting us in shaping effective workshops to drive internal engagement. His ability to listen and understand complex situations is remarkable and his positive approach and thinking has been critical to find viable solutions. Looking forward to working again with you!

Elisabetta Baronia, VF Corporation