How we partner

We believe that solutions begin to arise from the curiosity generated during the initial stages of any engagement. Often times, this is enough.

We bring a curiosity to find out ways that our clients and partners can access their creativity to make their next contribution.

We believe that new models, products and ways of working require not only new ways of thinking, but must be collaborative, embrace the atypical and provide inspiration.

In order to facilitate the best possible outcomes, we follow our tried and tested 3D intervention:

  1. Diagnostics: Phone calls, focus groups, surveys and discussions to ascertain needs of the different stakeholders. Ideally this can be done with both internal and external stakeholders
  2. Design: Based on the needs analysis, I would then organise a structure, activities and format for the facilitation
  3. Delivery: The actual event or events that move the group toward the outcomes they and the organisation most need

All of this is done in relationship with you, the client, to share reflections and practice our ethos of iterative learning.

Some of our values in action!