The future of work

The workplace is changing. Organisations such as the World Economic Forum through to business leaders such as Jack Ma, ex CEO of Ali Baba, are calling out to address the skills gap that we will need in the future. The fourth industrial revolution is making many stock and trade jobs, from machinists and drivers through to accountants and lawyers even therapists redundant. Leaving us with a question – what are we humans here to do? If our meaning and reward is our contribution to others, the workplace and society, what does that look like?

For people to be both appreciated and effective, they need to bring or develop skills that are suited to the future workplace. In the context of AI and technology, these skills include:

  • team-work and collaboration
  • creative and independent thinking
  • an understanding of ethics and personal values
  • “people skills” that require engaging effectively with others
  • embracing diversity and practicing inclusion

How leaders, teams and organisations foster these skills is critical if they want to realise the people dividend.  For more on these skills, see this infographics from Dr. 4-Ward: